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Fertilization Of Soybeans

In an article titled Die Bemesting van Sojabone (Fertilization of Soybean) by Mr Wessel van Wyk*, four important factors important in soybean cultivation are highlighted.

Mention is made of the:

  • quantities of nitrogen,
  • potassium,
  • phosphorus and
  • sulphur which are removed from soil for every ton of soybean produced.

Furthermore, inoculation of seed with a good soybean inoculant containing the right strain of Bradyrhizobium japonicum (strain WB74) is essential. Best results are obtained with both seed treatment as well as in-furrow application of inoculant. Molybdenum is essential for nitrogen fixation, and at soil pH values of 5, 5 and lower, molybdenum has to be applied, especially where soybean plants have not been treated with molybdenum by seed producers.

*Mr Wesssel van Wyk is a Soybean consultant for the Protein Research Foundation
All Copyrights are reserved and duplication of the article without the author’s permission is prohibited.

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