All About Stimuplant

Stimuplant Pty Ltd is known since 1978 for the consistently high quality of their inoculants. Specializing in the production of environmentally friendly microorganisms that ensure a high quality yield in agriculture. These microorganisms help the farmer to increase crop yield as well as maintaining soil fertility and even increasing it.

With the increased demand for food crops in South Africa, it puts pressure on producers to increase production and quality of crops. Stimuplant Pty Ltd is the manufacturer of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia inoculants for all cultivated legumes, as well as, a range of bacterial growth promoters that enhance the establishment of plants as well as increased the uptake of water and nutrients from the soil.

Stimuplant Pty Ltd also provides a product that can be used with our range of inoculants to ensure that as many bacteria as possible attach to the seed. This reinforces the effectiveness of the, and helps the farmer reach maximum potential for increasing their crop yield.

Why Inoculation is Essential 

How to increase your crop yield

Bacterial growth promoting micro-organisms (B-RUS and EXTRASOL) occur naturally, and have been selected for effectivity.

They are able to promote plant growth in several ways: the root system of the plant develops better, ensuring good establishment of the plant; they promote water and nutrient uptake from soil where the growth promoter is present, it aids in preventing microorganisms from infecting the plant and boosts the plant’s own immune system. These growth promoters help the farmer to increase his yield in a natural way.

Growth promoters can be applied to seed of crops, like legumes, maize, wheat, sorghum, sunflower, canola and all vegetables. B-RUS can be applied up to five days before planting.

Why inoculate against Crown Gall?

Crown gall is a disease effecting several crops and ornamental plants. Unsightly galls form on the stems and root crown of plants, restricting the uptake of nutrients and water. The plant’s yield and growth are hampered.

Flowering plants with visible galls are not marketable. As soon as the disease is established, the plant cannot be cured and must be destroyed.

Cuttings of infected plants cannot be used. The only way to minimize losses is to treat pips, cuttings and nursery plants with the inoculant.